Fresh Business Expo is organised by experienced organisers that understand the importance of creating dedicated B2B events which serve the interest of the participants and visitors.

The organisation is the result of a unique co-operation which enables the organisers to combine their strengths and work as one team on the success of the exhibition.

Nova Exhibitions B.V. 

Nova Exhibitions organises International Trade Exhibitions with a focus on new and upcoming markets. Nova Exhibitions is a young and dynamic company managed by people with a significant track record in the Exhibition Industry.

The exhibitions which are (co-)organised by Nova Exhibitions include trade fairs in the sphere of Agri- and Horticulture.

Our emphasis is to organise targeted trade exhibitions that enable our exhibitors to establish new contacts, strengthen their business and obtain the relevant market information.

We believe that partnership is the key to success, in this respect we are proud to work together with reputable International partners.


“City of Dreams” Company” Ltd

“City of Dreams” Company” Ltd from Kyiv has been organising exhibitions for more than 12 years within the Horticultural sector. One of their successful exhibition was the Flower Festival which took place twice a year until 2006, after which they launched the new exhibition Flower Expo Ukraine which until today takes place on an annual basis.

“City of Dreams” Company” Ltd has an extensive network in Ukraine, excellent connections with Governmental bodies and business partners and understands every part in the process of organising targeted B2B events.


Fruit-Inform is consulting fruit and vegetable business agency, a subsidiary of APK-Inform, which provides services to agrarian companies throughout the world and specializes in market information, market analyses, and in coordinating and organizing high-profile fresh produce industry events.

APK-Inform’s subsidiary Fruit-Inform was first (and remains the only) company to launch professional daily monitoring and analysis of Ukraine’s fresh produce market. Fruit-Inform’s involvement in this sector began in 2003, when it won USAID’s bid to help US Company Land O’Lakes, Inc. implement a four-year Ukraine Agricultural Marketing Project.

Fruit-Inform (initially called Agroogliad: ovochi ta frukty) started with analyzing only the fresh produce market of Ukraine but later expanded its operations to include Russia and Poland into its monitoring system.

Fruit Inform organizes many annual events targeting the Fresh Produce Industry.
During Fresh Business Expo, Fruit Inform will organize their successful annual conference and trade forum during Fresh Business Expo Ukraine.