Another company joins Fresh Business Expo 2020. Welcome, DGS-Ukraine, ltd!

DGS-Ukraine, ltd represents Danish company Viemose – DGS A/S – greenhouse products manufacturer and developer of technologies and practical recommendations for the greenhouse industry.

DGS-Ukraine is a company of professionals who help at all stages, from design and development, to consulting, sales, production and service. Among the company’s partners are Danish Senmantic A/S – the leading manufacturer of automated irrigation and climate control systems, and the Italian company Idromeccanica Lucchini SpA – the largest manufacturer of professional plastic film greenhouses.

To learn more about the company and its products, we invite you to visit Fresh Business Expo 2020!


We are happy to inform you that Fresh Business Expo starts partnership with Ukrainian Berries Association!

Ukrainian Berries Association combines in itself all levels of the fruits and berries market. Members of the Association are exclusively legal entities: producers and processors of the fruit and berry product, manufacturers of planting material, cooperatives, public organizations and educational institutions.
Ukrainian Berries Association conducts international and national conferences, trainings and congresses where they discuss the main problems of the industry and ways to fix them.
Advantages for Association members:
• Economic security – significant risk reduction during selling/purchasing of products or services
• International exhibition participation
• Loyalty Program – simplified access to products and services for the association members
• Informational support and development.

For more information about Ukrainian Berries Association visit their website:


New participant joins Fresh Business Expo 2020! We present to you KhomSteel – the official distributor of Gor-Stal sandwich panels in Ukraine.

Gor-Stal created sandwich panels with PIR MAX foam core. Today their sandwich panels have the best thermal insulation parameters on the market.

When panels with MAX foam are used, customers get more space due to thinner walls and in big rooms every added inch gives you even more usable area. Another indisputable advantage is its excellent thermal insulation that saves real energy and the operating cost of the building goes down.

Visit Fresh Business Expo 2020 to learn more about KhomSteel and sandwich panels.
More information on the website:


It’s an important day for Fresh Business Expo. Today we announce our new partner that will support Fresh Business Expo 2020 – “UKRSADPROM” Association.

“UKRSADPROM” Association consolidates gardeners, producers of vegetables and berries, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, raw materials and services.
The Association protects the interests of horticulture and berry growing markets participants in the state authorities and abroad, promotes development and popularization of gardening and berry growing industries.

More information on the website:


Today Fresh Business Expo 2020 welcomes a new participant – a leading company in the market of horticulture and viticulture machinery – Agrostar!

Since 2005, Agrostar Co. Ltd. dominates the market of machinery for horticulture and viticulture in Ukraine. Agrostar is an official and exclusive dealer of machinery from Italy, Belgium, France and the Czech Republic. BMV, FaMa, Berti, Blosi (Italy), BAB (Belgium), Ostraticky (Czech Republic) are among their partners.

Agrostar offers a complete set of equipment and machinery for all major agro-technological operations in horticulture and viticulture, crop processing machinery.
Starting in 2020, the company also offers a variety of equipment for nut orchards and berry growers, including weighing berries in consumer packaging automation .
The reliability of the machinery is confirmed by Ukrainian farmers who have been using it for many years. Agrostar offers contour trimmers, mulchers and movers, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, grape harvesters, nut harvesters and more.
Agrostar provides official support and a manufacturer’s warranty on all it’s products, and will carry out all startup procedures on the client’s farm.

More information on the company’s website:


“Fresh Business Expo 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine, will be held nevertheless possible travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 situation!”

The organisers of Fresh Business Expo Ukraine have decided the that 9th edition, scheduled for 1-3 December 2020, will take place at any cause, even if there would still be travel restrictions in place for International participants and/or visitors due to the Covid-19 situation.

The far majority of Ukrainian participants have indicated that they wish to participate in the upcoming edition.

In addition, our international participants, which work with their own representative offices in Ukraine, have indicated they would participate if the exhibition is being held as scheduled.

Because of this positive feedback and given the fact that the visitors of Fresh Business Expo are for more than 90% from Ukraine the organisers of Fresh Business Expo have decided to go ahead with all necessary preparations for the exhibition.

In case the exhibition would have to be rescheduled because of local restrictions due to the Covid-19 situation the organisers will roll over all bookings automatically to 2021 and in the unlikely case that the exhibition could not be held next year all participants will receive a full refund. This means that participants will not take any unnecessary risk by signing up for Fresh Business Expo Ukraine 2020!

Fresh Business Expo is the only trade event in Ukraine that exclusively targets the complete chain of Fresh Produce and has proven again to be a great additional marketing tool for companies to establish and strengthen the necessary business in Ukraine and CIS Countries.

The exhibition attracts leading growers, traders, key supermarket buyers, importers, exporters, processors as well as input and equipment suppliers.

Parallel to the exhibition the organisers will organize an extensive side program that will address actual topics in the sector.

Download the press release


OctoFrost Group once again present at Fresh Business Expo!

OctoFrost Group is a supplier for full IQF processing lines and can provide an optimized, complete IQF processing line for the best freezing results, highest yield and lowest energy consumption.

OctoFrost™ food processing equipment is more than just a safe buy, through interaction with traders around the world, OctoFrost™ is helping its customers get new orders for their top quality OctoFrost™ IQF frozen products through the online networking platform OctoFrost Link.

The skilled and passionate staff of OctoFrost™ strives to be at the forefront of the food processing equipment industry, making sure their clients’ needs are met.

OctoFrost™ is rewarded by numerous repeat orders and recommendations from their customers worldwide.

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Download latest exhibitors list and floor plan of Fresh Business Expo 2019
by clicking on below image!

Newest innovation in the IQF freezer world; the Sea Container IQF freezer from Van Abeelen Food Processing Technology premieres at Fresh Business Expo 2019!

The Sea Container model IQF tunnel freezer will be introduced during the exhibition at the stand (B7) of Van Abeelen FPT.

This new container offers great advantages such as: Plug & Play, Easy to install on site, Can be placed directly at the berry fields so minimal product losses, Ensures maximum production capacity, Save transport costs, Freezer and cooling installation integrated in 1 sea container, Easy cleanable, Reduced CO2 equivalent, Hygienic design, HACCP certified, Energy Efficiency and Rent possibilities!

More info:


We are glad to inform you that the berry cluster “Cooperative Agrovesna” is participating in the annual international specialized exhibition Fresh Business Expo 2019!

LLC «Cooperative Agrovesna» is one of theleading company on the production and sale of fresh berries in Ukraine. The total size of its own production space is 500 ha. The berry cooperative is established on the basis of the enterprises, which consists of 17 enterprises. It allows you always to have a high quality product and provides sufficient volume for the implementation of fresh berries in the domestic and foreign markets.

Company goals are:
* Production of high quality fresh berries
* Implementation of the latest technologies and quality standards
* Creat a modern powerful cooperative for the cultivation of fruit and berry crops
* Provide service


New participant «Hladoyug» joins Fresh Business Expo 2019!

Refrigeration equipment has long been a part of our daily lives, it is required in all processes for the production, storage, transportation and sale of food. The company performs a complex of works on the design and installation of fruit and vegetable stores, refrigeration and freezing warehouses.

«Hladoyug» puts high quality first in everything. They pay attention to every detail of the project of the customers – their benefits, efficiency, compliance with standards and standards, reliability and ease of operation. «Hladoyug» implements modern solutions in the field of energy saving and conservation of the planet’s ecology.

Timely and professional service is a major factor in the stable operation of any refrigeration equipment. Providing quality service has been and is the main task of the team of this company. They are actively implementing online control and dispatching systems – an effective tool to control and maintain equipment that can further reduce their customers’ operating costs.

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Organizers of Fresh Business Expo 2019 welcome HZPC among the participants!

HZPC it is 115 years of professional breeding and potato seeds production.

HZPC is the world leader in potato breeding and seed production. HZPC farmers grow over 700,000 tons of seed potatoes annually on an area of 17,000 hectares.

The company offers:
– more than 100 different potato varieties;
– high-quality seed potatoes;
– correct selection of varieties according to each climate and soils condition;
– sufficient potato growing technology;
– business-planning in potato growing;
– supervising of potato projects.

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Fresh Business Expo 2019 welcomes Danish Greenhouse Supply (DGS) as new participant!

Danish Greenhouse Supply (DGS) is a modern, experienced and specialized engineering company concerned with supply of machinery, equipment and plants for the horticultural greenhouse industry.

DGS is proficient in engineering execution; technology and project management of greenhouse projects and its highly skilled employees can supply expert technology and provide an exceptional engineering experience.

High knowledge and up to date research is the very foundation for their organization. At DGS they therefore strive to design and supply high quality greenhouse solutions to the growers of today and tomorrow. Solutions that contribute to making the industry more efficient, cleaner and greener.

As main contractor, main supplier or as representative on behalf of other Danish factories, DGS also handles other machinery and special equipment for greenhouse growers, such as boiler plants for steam and heat production.

At DGS they therefore guarantee the fulfilling of any kind of contract be the larger or smaller projects within or related to the horticultural greenhouse industry.

More info:



Thank you, Agrostory Agribusiness Portal, for our cooperation!

Agribusiness portal Agrostory presents agricultural news, a directory of companies and online classifieds for agrarians, a thematic forum and blogs. The portal contains a large information database, which includes information on new products in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, description of traditional and exotic crops with recommendations for their cultivation, lifehacks for summer residents and gardeners.



Fairplant to showcase their rootstocks for fruit trees at Fresh Business Expo 2019!

Falling in love with fruit.
Fairplant is passionate about fruit. We grow and sell basic materials for tree and fruit growers, such as rootstocks, fruit trees and various small fruit plants. Thanks to the excellent soil in the Noordoostpolder (Netherlands), your plants are given a strong, fertile basis. We sell rootstocks for apples, pears and stonefruit, 1-year and 2-year fruit trees and small fruit plants, such as blueberries and raspberries, worldwide.

Happy to share our passion.
We are happy to share our passion for fruit with you, for example in the form of knowledge. Through the years, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience. We can share that knowledge with you during a plant advice session. We also offer pruning courses, we explain what you need to know to begin intensive growing, and offer advice about which varieties are suitable for your desired goal. We look forward to helping you achieve even greater success in the future!

Advanced technologies.
We would also be happy to help you with practical tools and advanced machinery that make planting, cultivating, processing and grading easier.

Total supplier with passion.
As you can see, Fairplant is at home in the world of fruit. With rootstocks, fruit trees, small fruit plants, training & consultancy, machinery and tree growing products, we are the premier passionate total supplier for you as a tree and fruit grower.

Fairplant, the ‘root’ to success!

Visit Fairplant at Fresh Business Expo 2019!
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Netherlands Embassy in Kyiv to support Holland Pavilion at Fresh Business Expo 2019!

From 3-5 December 2019 Fresh Business Expo Ukraine will kick off its 8th edition, the exhibition will once again take place at the International Exhibition Centre (IEC) in Kyiv.

The organisers are pleased to announce that during the coming edition a Holland Pavilion, supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Kyiv, will be present at the exhibition.

Dutch companies can already participate in the Holland Pavilion for as little as EUR 1.190,- which includes space, stand building, catering and reception desk service.

Fresh Business Expo is the only trade event in Ukraine that exclusively targets the complete chain of Fresh Produce and has proven again to be a great additional marketing tool for companies to establish and strengthen the necessary business in Ukraine and CIS Countries.

Fresh Business Expo is being organized since 2011 and the exhibition has proven to be an effective and targeted tool for companies to strengthen and expand their network in Ukraine and CIS countries.

One of the key success factors of the exhibition is the conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine”, which is organized by Fruit Inform within the framework of the exhibition.

The conference and exhibition attracted leading growers, traders, key supermarket buyers, importers, exporters, processors as well as input and equipment suppliers.

Favourable outlook Ukraine

Ukraine’s economy grew by 4.6 % during the second quarter of 2019. The growth rate is higher than any country in the EU, except Hungary and Romania (5.1 % and 4.6 %).

Ukraine offers a great potential to suppliers of Greenhouse Technology, Seeds & Plants, Post Harvest Machinery, Processing & Packaging, Cold Storage and other related products, as the Ukrainian fresh produce industry is developing very fast.
With thanks to the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

many growers have found new export markets within the EU and Ukrainian growers are implementing new technologies in order to meet regular food safety standards.

Over the past three years, areas under greenhouse vegetables in Ukraine have gradually been increasing. According to official data, from 2016 to 2018, these figures increased by 9% annually. Analysts noted that the largest area growth was recorded in 2018.

Ukraine’s output levels make it the fifth largest fruit, vegetable, and berry-producing nation in Europe.

For more information and/or a quotation please contact:

Grimco Trade Holland
Contact: Mr. Benno Grimberg
Tel.: +31 53 478 0443


Nova Exhibitions B.V.
Contact: Mr. Kuno Jacobs
Tel.: +31 85 401 73 97

The number of available places within the Holland Pavilion is limited and we will work on a first come first serve basis.

Download the press release here.


Gakon Horticultural Projects to participate at upcoming edition of Fresh Business Expo!

Gakon Horticultural Projects is a global greenhouse construction company founded in 1951. Gakon has the in-house knowledge and skills to cover all aspects of greenhouse horticulture projects.
Gakon’s own steel and aluminium production facility sets them apart and means they are ready to make every project into a successful one.

Gakon has great experience in developing and constructing all aspects of turn-key horticultural projects and can support its clients and take away the stress providing turn-key solutions. These turn-key projects can include: Financing, Permit Applications, Design, Consultancy, Water Technology, Electrical Engineering, Climate Solutions, Assimilation Lighting, Concrete Works, Greenhouse Construction and Cultivation Support.

Be sure to visit the stand of Gakon Horticultural Projects at Fresh Business Expo 2019!

More info can also be found on


Growing areas for greenhouse vegetables has grown in Ukraine.

Over the past three years, areas under greenhouse vegetables in Ukraine is gradually increasing. According to official data, from 2016 to 2018, these figures increased by 9%. At the same time, AGRI-GATOR analysts note that the largest area growth was recorded in 2018.

According to data from the State Statistics Service, in 2018 6,470 hectares are in use for greenhouse vegetables growing in Ukraine. For comparison, a year before greenhouse vegetables occupied no more than 6,000 hectares.

More than half of these areas are used for greenhouse cucumbers production. At the end of 2018, greenhouse cucumbers were grown on an area of 3,300 hectares, which is by 9% more than a year before. Tomatoes are in second place. Plantations under this crop occupy 39% of the total area, or 2,500 hectares. It should be noted that areas for tomato growing has also slightly increased since 2017. White cabbage closes the top three, this crop areas grew by 15% – from 316 to 365 hectares.

According to experts, the growing interest in tomatoes and cucumbers greenhouse production is due to several reasons. Firstly, demand for greenhouse produce is rising in the country: every year wholesale companies and retailers increasingly refuse to open-ground produce because of problems with the quality of such vegetables. Secondly, the majority of greenhouse centers quite actively export such products, which also favors an area’s increase.

As for cabbage, a gradual increase in the area under this crop is associated with high demand for these products at the beginning of the sales season and as a result with quite attractive prices.


Download the Post Show Report of Fresh Business Expo 2018!

Free seminar program within the framework of the exhibition

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Organisers of Fresh Business Expo 2018 welcome the Polish company Milbor PMC!

Milbor PMC is a family-owned company distributing quality equipment for fruit and vegetables packing and grading. They select premium machinery manufacturers in order to provide their Customers with the state-of-art solutions to answer to their key challenges such as productivity improvement, shelf-life extension and reduction of product losses.

The company has been established by the family of growers present in the fresh produce sector for over 60 years. Thanks to this experience they understand well the importance of proven technology for successful horticulture operations.

At Milbor PMC they know that the success of their customers is also their success and in this regard they provide them with extensive consulting and support services.

«Dekoplant» chooses once again to participate at Fresh Business Expo!

The main activity of the company is production and sales of high quality plant material of berry plants (raspberry, blackberry, currants, gooseberry, honeysuckle, blackberry), rosebushes, ornamental shrubs and fruit trees.

Together with the Dutch partners, «Dekoplant»got access to the newest production technologies and introduces high standards of plants on the Ukrainian market.

Today «Dekoplant»is a leading company on the market of plants, which well known in Ukraine. Every year, the company grows and sells about 1 million of plants.

The company has always been focusing on the needs and interests of the clients. That is why the production of high quality plants became not only the aim and business philosophy of the company.

More at:


Visit B6 stand of Insolar-Kholod!!!

Since 1990 Insolar-Kholod has been doing business in design, supply and installation of the industrial refrigeration equipment and it after-sales service. From 2005 to 2017 their enterprise had built the CA storages for apples with the total capacity of 55 000 tons. Even in 2018 Insolar-Kholod realized 6 projects on building of the CA cold storages for apples with the total capacity of 17 000 tons. When building storages for fruit and vegetables Insolar-Kholod, uses equipment by the well-known manufacturers as follows: CA/ ULO equipment manufactured by Van Amerongen, gastight hinged doors Salco, grading lines Greefa, gastight coatings Ribbstyle (the Netherlands), air coolers Thermofin (Germany), ventilation equipment manufactured by A-Lab Oy (Finland), automatic equipment Danfoss (Denmark) and Castel (Italy).

See more at:


Steiner-Ukraine joins the Fresh Business Expo 2018!

Steiner-Ukraine – an engineering company representing the leading European and world manufacturers of process and packaging equipment, invites you to visit its stand to discuss current projects, as well as prospects for cooperation with partners:

Selo (Holland) – one of the world’s best producers of technological equipment for the production of jam, jams, confitures and aseptic fruit fillers

Steriflow (France) – the world’s leading manufacturer of horizontal autoclaves with the technology of “water cascade.” This high-efficiency heat treatment technology, developed by the company in 1975, is implemented in more than 4000 installations around the world, 30 of which work in Ukraine.

Zacmi (Italy) is one of the leaders of the Italian food machine-building industry, which has more than 50 years specializing in the production of equipment for filling and rolling vegetable, fruit, meat and dairy canned food, as well as equipment for the primary processing of fruits and vegetables.

MFT (Italy) is a manufacturer of equipment for the canning industry, in particular for processing fruits and vegetables from reception to packaging, in such areas as: fruit canned, marmalade, fruit in own juice, preparation of fruits for freezing, extraction of citrus essences, limoncello, dried fruits , canned vegetables, purees and fruit juices, citrus juices, processing of tomatoes.

Bertocchi (Italy) – the company supplies both complete production lines and individual machines for cold extraction processes. The advantages of cold extraction technology are widely recognized by the world’s leading manufacturers of fruit and vegetable purees.

Protec (Italy) is an Italian manufacturer of optical sorting equipment that is equipped with special cameras. The equipment is intended for sorting vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts.

Cabinplant (Denmark) – is the leader among producers of technological lines for the food industry, specializing in the production of lines for a specific order. The main customers are processors of fruits, vegetables, berries and producers of semi-finished products.

Effytec (Spain) is one of the European leaders in the production of horizontal packaging machines for liquid, pasty and loose products in packages such as Doy-pack and Sasha for the food industry.

ILPRA (Italy) is an Italian manufacturer of packaging equipment for thermoforming, vacuum packaging and packaging in a modified environment for the food industry.

BW Flexible Systems (USA) is a global manufacturer of packaging systems for dosing and packaging food products.

Visit G2 stand to get acquainted with the whole spectrum of the supplied equipment and to communicate with the specialists of the Steiner-Ukraine company!


The company «TTRADE» joins Fresh Business Expo 2018!

The company «TTRADE» is a general contractor organization specializing in the design and
construction of industrial buildings.

Since 2012, the company «TTRADE» stands for:
• General manufacturer representative of PaNELTECH sandwich panels in Ukraine (Poland).
The company has everything you need to arrange a flat roof:
• Roofing PVC membrane Rhenofol company FDT (Germany);
• Inland water drain system Valsir (Italy)».

It is possible to check how the company works!
«TTRADE» can make an excursion to a number of their constructed facilities, they have
something to show!

More information is at:


OctoFrost chooses once again to participate at Fresh Business Expo!

With decades of experience in IQF freezing, OctoFrost Group has grown with the vision of supplying the global food-processing market with the next generation of IQF processing solutions.

With the focus on thermal treatment of food products, OctoFrost develops technologies through continuous innovation and listening to the customers’ needs.

Their processing equipment is in operation on all five continents. A high percentage of their sales are repeat orders which can be consider a performance indicator. OctoFrost has local sales and service capabilities operating worldwide.

Participation of OctoFrost at Fresh Business Expo will further strengthen and expand their network in Ukraine and CIS Countries.

For more information please check:


WDK Tunnels from Poland to build greenhouse tunnel at Fresh Business Expo 2018!

The organisers of Fresh Business Expo are very pleased that the Polish company WDK Tunnels will once again participate and this year have increased their stand space from 12 m2 to 36 m2 and will install one of their greenhouse tunnels at the exhibition.

WDK Tunnels ltd is a Fast growing company, which produces polytunnels, and table tops.

Their products pride themselves with great popularity in England and other European countries. The experience gained throughout the years in Great Britain compliments the quality of products and high standard of professionalism the company offers.

The company meets the requirements of the market and is adaptable to the individual needs of the consumer.

WDK assures full investment rewards – it gives advice and helps in acquiring grants from European Union’s funds as well as offer collaboration with financial advisors.

Visit WDK at Fresh Business Expo Ukraine 2018!
To already learn more about the company please visit:


Ukrainian Vegetable Company (UVC) joined Fresh Business Expo 2018!

UVC sells and maintains the technique of world famous manufacturers: Self-propelled sprayers; Seed treaters; Agricultural Chaser Bins;
Shredders; Precision Seed Drills; Field and garden sprayers; Harvesting and planting machinery for vegetable growing and horticulture; Tillage
equipment – ridge and bed formers, milling, subsoilers, cultivators; Irrigation systems – pivots, front, mobile reels; Parts and components –
pumps, generators, navigation systems, computer accounting of productivity, universal joints, hoses, fittings, filters; Parts for sprayers;
Technology for precision farming.

More at:


”Fresh Business Expo in Ukraine preparing for its 7th edition

From 4-6 December 2018 Fresh Business Expo Ukraine will kick off its 7th edition, the exhibition will once again take place at the International Exhibition Centre (IEC) in Kiev.

Fresh Business Expo Ukraine, which took place from 5 – 7 December 2017, welcomed 3.744 trade visitors and 115 companies from 10 countries worldwide, participated in the event occupying some 2.500 m2.

Fresh Business Expo is the only trade event in Ukraine that exclusively targets the complete chain of Fresh Produce and has proven again to be a great additional marketing tool for companies to establish and strengthen the necessary business in Ukraine and CIS Countries.

With the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Ukraine now finally being in place the organisers notice an increasing interest for the Ukrainian market.

Exports from Ukraine to the EU are increasing rapidly and the production of Fruits & Vegetables is showing significant growth.

In order to be able to export to the EU the Ukrainian growers will need to invest in order to meet European quality standards. This offers great potential to Western suppliers of Greenhouse Technology, Post Harvest Handling, Packaging, Seeds & Plants and other related products.

Given this enormous potential the organisers are very pleased to have signed an exclusive partnership agreement with IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH from Germany.

IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH is one of the leading trade fair organisers worldwide in the agrifood sector and acts as organizer of German Pavilions abroad on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture. Their key service is to offer support to single exhibitors or joint presentations.

IFWexpo’s key markets are in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Iran with new market places such as India, China, and Bulgaria having been added in the last years.

Thanks to the long-term experience, IFWexpo can react quickly to market developments and offer new and attractive exhibition places to export oriented companies. Exhibitors will profit from profound knowledge of markets and exhibition places as well as from an international network that ensures successful preparation and realisation of trade fairs.

Within the framework of this partnership agreement IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH will promote and sell the exhibition Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The organisers of Fresh Business Expo are convinced that IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH will bring added value to both exhibitors as well as visitors.

One of the key success factors of the exhibition is the conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine”, which is organized by Fruit Inform within the framework of the exhibition.

The conference and exhibition attracted leading growers, traders, key supermarket buyers, importers, exporters, processors as well as input and equipment suppliers.


PIGO from Italy signs contract for participation at Fresh Business Expo 2018!

PIGO is specialized in building FREEZERS, FREEZE DRYERS AND CONTINUOULS MULTISTAGE BELT ADIABATIC DRYERS, as well as fruit and vegetable processing equipment and product lines, which includes a broad range of standard and custom units with an extensive experience in both freezing and fruit & vegetable processing.

Together with our partners, PIGO has installed machines throughout the world.
Their systems have been supplied to companies in Europe, Africa, Australia, USA and Asia. Strong internationalization and worldwide market targeting have lead PIGO to endorse and exploit the concept of flexibility in manufacturing of its products.

The production process of PIGO is precisely structured and divided in phases, thus ensuring top quality of each component/phase. The entire manufacturing and installation process is led by a strong team of engineers that over the years designed and developed machines to their current features.

Strength of their concepts and top quality of their products are further confirmed by numerous references and satisfaction of their clients.

More information can be found on


“Fresh Business Expo 2017 welcomed 3.744 visitors”

Fresh Business Expo 2017 took place from 5-7 December in the International Exhibition Centre (IEC) in Kiev.

During the three days of the exhibition 3.744 visitors made their way to the exhibition to source new products, make new contacts or obtain market information.

Some 115 companies from 10 countries worldwide have chosen Fresh Business Expo as platform to launch or strengthen their business in Ukraine.

These countries included: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, The Netherlands and Ukraine.

Once again the exhibition was being supported by Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Italian Trade Agency and The office of Agricultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

The fast majority of exhibitors rated the quality of visitors again as “quite good to very good”, this makes Fresh Business Expo the best International platform for the Fruit & Vegetable industry in Ukraine.

One of they key success factors of the exhibition is the Conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine”, organized by Fruit Inform. The conference was being held for the 14th time and the title of the conference was “Success in Unity” underlining the potential of Ukraine.

In 2018 the Ukrainian economy is forecasted to grow by some 3.5%, the free trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine that was implemented on January 1st, 2016 and the reforms that the government is taking are surely contributing to these positive figures.