Fresh Business Expo 2018 hosted the specialized conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine” organized by Fruit Inform.

The specialized conference, which is organized under the umbrella of Fresh Business Expo, is the ideal meeting place for leading growers, traders, supermarket chains, importers, exporters, processors as well as input and equipment suppliers.

The first two days of the conference focus on all aspects of the Fresh Produce Industry such as market information, trends & forecasts and
technical information about the production of Fruits & Vegetables.

The third day of the conference is dedicated to the successful trade forum in which supermarket chains, importers and exporters participate.

More than 30 supermarket chains and key importers will participate at this dedicated Trade Forum, which is part of the conference.

Both events are being organised under the umbrella of Fresh Business Expo offering participants and visitors the best networking opportunities available.

The conference program will contain of the following subject forums with leading sector experts as speakers:

    • Market forum:
    • Ukrainian fruit and vegetable production and price forecast for the current season made by Fruit-Inform and preliminary expectations from the season 2018/19;
    • The Ukrainian fruit and vegetable market and profitable decisions for Ukrainian products to enter the EU market;
    • Promising external markets for Ukrainian fruits and vegetables: Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa.
    • Investment forum “Dried vegetables for export with Nestle»:
    • Presentation of Gospodar + project and similar projects’ results in other countries;
    • Funding of innovative agricultural projects in Ukraine;
    • Modern domestic and foreign equipment for manufacture of dried vegetables.
    • Standardization, certification and organic produce forum.
    • Fruit and vegetable handling, storage and packaging forum.
    • Marketing forum:
    • Consumer trends in the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable market;
    • Profitable decisions in direct cooperation between a grower and a supermarket chain.
    • Trade forum on December 1st: Direct negotiations between suppliers (growers, wholesale companies, exporters) and buyers of fresh fruits and vegetables (supermarket chains, importers, exporters).

Key conference audience: representatives of 15-20 countries throughout the world, about 300 professionals with more than a half of them represented by growers, and about 25% – by traders, and about another 25% – by processors, suppliers of input and equipment as well as other companies involved into fruit and vegetable business.

For more information on the 15th annual conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine” please contact Fruit Inform.
Kindly note that additional charges for attending the conference apply.

Contact for more info:
Mr. Ievgen Kuzin
Tel.: +380 96 5836323


Please click on below image to download the preliminary program in pdf