Fresh Business Expo 2019 hosts the specialized conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine” organized by Fruit Inform.

The Ukrainian fruit and vegetable market has been dynamically developing, and fruits, berries and vegetables grown in Ukraine continue to gain popularity among consumers from dozens countries throughout the world. That is exactly why Fruit-Inform, the organizer of the leading international event of the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable business, has chosen a new message of this year’s conference as “Export Breakthrough!”.

Ukraine more often proves to be a global supplier of high-quality fruits and vegetables thanks to its climatic conditions, geographical location and modern approaches to agricultural business. Thus, Ukrainian exports have been growing both in volumes and geography, especially in the segments of apples, blueberries, cherries, frozen strawberries and raspberries etc.

It is development of export focus that will favor a further increase in fruit and vegetable production, and it is export opportunities that the business program of the conference will be based on. The event will traditionally be held in a three-day format in conjunction with Fresh Business Expo 2019, the only Ukrainian exhibition for fruit and vegetable business professionals. The conference will be organized in partnership with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), UHA (Ukrainian Horticultural Association) and East-Fruit.

Key conference topics:
– Fruit and vegetable sector development forecast for Ukraine and globally.
– New steps of UHA to significantly increase fruit and vegetable exports.
– Apples: investments, economics, export.
– Blueberries: new global trade routes and market development outlook.
– New approaches to the cherry business in Ukraine.
– Frozen berries: strategies for a new season.
– Segments with underdeveloped export potential: garlic, watermelons, greenhouse vegetables, fresh berries etc.
– Infrastructure for fruit and vegetable business, new ideas and projects in plant protection and agrichemistry, seeds and plants, produce handling, packaging and storage.
– Marketing in fruit and vegetable sector, as a necessary element of profitable business.

The conference program will be finalized by late October 2019, and organizers will try to cover all relevant issues in the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable business during two-day agenda. And the third day of the 16th International Conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2019. Export breakthrough!” will traditionally be devoted to the trade forum, which will involve about 90% of the Ukrainian retail sector as well as leading importers of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables from the EU, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The trade forum will attract about 30 companies ready to conclude negotiations with fruit and vegetable suppliers and will last until 16:00, December 5.

Key conference audience: representatives of 15-20 countries of the world, in total about 300 professionals of the fruit and vegetable business, with producers of fresh and processed products accounting for about a half of them, while the rest will be represented by wholesalers, retailers, suppliers of inputs and equipment as well as other companies of the sector.

Key organizational moments

  • The conference will be followed by the trade forum and is organized in conjunction with the only Ukrainian exhibition for fruit and vegetable business professionals
  • All the tree events take place in the most comfortable exhibition center of Kyiv and at time most convenient for fruit and vegetable companies
  • As always, the conference speakers will be represented by leading sector experts and Ukrainian fruit and vegetable business professionals with practical experience as well as international experts
  • Conference registration will be active until November 29

Pay your attention! Participation in the conference and trade forum is available only for pre-registered participants. Conference agenda, participation conditions, advertising and sponsorship opportunities and a registration form are available on

Click here to download the conference program!

To learn more about the event, please contact the Conference Organizing Committee:
+380 562 320795
cell: +380 96 5836323 – Mr. Ievgen Kuzin